Our story began with a dog named Willow!

Willow is a rescue dog who won her new family heart for being very sweet and loving. She loved to play, jump, and garden outside. As Willow started to age, her joints started to hurt and she stopped playing and jumping outside. Willow was having a hard time getting up and walking around. Glucosamine supplements only provided temporary relief and she didn't like them.

Chewer's Joy was born

In a desperate attempt to help Willow, her owners used their experience in the Pet industry to search and find other products that can possibly help her to improve her mobility. Willow owners team up with a group of experts in the industry to develop and test 100% natural collagen treats, Willow started eating natural collagen treats, and after about 2 -3 weeks, she started to run, jump, and gardening again. Willow also loved her new treats. This is when her owners realize that commercial food and treats on the market were not providing all essential nutrients like collagen to keep dogs healthy as they age, and they felt the need to help other dog owners to bring only Natural products with benefits to help dogs stay healthy.